Discord as our main communication tool

Why did we choose Discord as our main communication tool?

At the creation of the agency, we made the choice to leave total flexibility to our collaborators in the choice of their place of work, whether it be at home, in the office or as digital nomads.

If you are interested in our reflexion about this choice, I invite you to read the dedicated article on this link.
One need was very clear to us, that of being able to create a bond, to give the feeling of being close despite the distance, and that the choice of the place of work should never be a hindrance to the good functioning of the agency.

As fans of competitive video games, we had developed strong habits on the Discord software in our personal lives, which then became an obvious part of the agency's life, even for the less initiated.

Discord is a powerful, intuitive and highly customisable voice communication software. Initially designed for gaming and the need for players to communicate during their competitive matches, it is now the first thing we do in the morning to greet the whole team around our virtual coffee machine.

This way of communicating is probably not suitable for all organisations, but here is the list of elements that convinced us:

> Real-time communication: Discord provides real-time voice and text communication, allowing team members to communicate quickly and easily with each other.

> Organised communication: Discord allows teams to create different channels for different projects or topics. This helps keep communication organised and ensures that team members can easily find the information they need.

> Collaboration: Discord also allows teams to share files, links and other resources. This facilitates collaboration on projects and ensures that everyone has access to the same information.

> Socialising: Discord also offers a social aspect that can help remote teams feel more connected. Team members can chat informally in a dedicated channel or even play games together during downtime.

> To put it simply, it does the same thing as the software you probably use on a daily basis, only much more social, often more fun, and ultimately just as professional if you take the time to establish good practices for everyone.

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