Why did we choose a 100% flexible teleworking model?

Why did we choose a 100% flexible teleworking model?

The covid pandemic has had a profound effect on changing working habits, while at the same time giving rise to new desires among many employees to improve the balance of their personal and professional lives.

We often talk about the telework trend, but it is first and foremost an HR mindset, which should be deeply embedded in the culture of the agency and make no exceptions.

We had the idea to list a few points that convinced us that we should commit ourselves to full workplace flexibility for our employees:

> Accompanying life projects: We observe that many talents change jobs at the same time as they change their place of residence, since the market is still very concentrated in Paris. We love the idea of offering our employees the exciting challenges of a growing Parisian agency, while allowing them to build the personal projects that drive them, away from Paris.

> Flexibility: Remote working offers a high degree of flexibility for employees. They can work from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. They can work from the comfort of their own home or even while travelling.

> Increased productivity: Many studies have shown that remote workers are more productive than those working in a traditional office environment. This is because they have fewer distractions and can often work in a more comfortable environment.

> Increased trust and accountability: Distance means trust. From our point of view, this is a driving force in the relationship we have with our employees, and the results encourage us to continue in this direction.

> Access to talent from all walks of life: We look for the best profile for each position we have to fill, without worrying for a second about where they live, whatever the assignment.

> Reduced travel time: Travel time is also eliminated as it is a major source of daily stress - rush hour and delays on public transport.

However, we are not convinced by the 100% remote business model and have offices in several cities, leaving all the alternatives open for our employees. The human links and the occasional return to a more traditional structure allow everyone to find what they are looking for in their daily lives, at the moment they are looking for it.

As for maintaining the link from a distance, I invite you to take a look at our article which explains how we have made discord an essential communication tool in the daily life of the agency.

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